Connect Traktor Z1 + Novation Lauchnkey Mini



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    Let's start inserting your video so anyone reading the topic could follow us. ;)

    First of all I can't see properly how do you plugged things in place but from what I can certainly see (and hoping you have follow my previous steps early posted...) I can suggest some things to debug your problem.

    Start just trying to use the Launchkey plugged into the hub and then switch it on (the hub). Then plug lightning power supply (PSU) cable into the cck3. Next step plug the usb output from the hub into the usb in from the CCK3. Power off the iPad and power on again (so fresh start...). Finally plug the CCK3 lightning cable (data) into the iPad port.

    If it doesn't work, try plug the Launchkey directly into the CCK3 but doing it in the same way (first the Launchkey cable into the CCK3; later the CCK3 into the iPad). That way you will avoid any possible message about "incompatible device" or "too much battery drain". If it appears then search into the Launchkey manual if it has a "low consumption mode" triggered by key combination on startup (launchpad does and it's required to work properly without powering it with iPad). If not, then try to update your launchkey and your launchpad app. Also check for compatibility... Launchkey mk2 is supported but Launchkey mk3 not because NovationxAmpify decided to make new Launchkeys just compatible with Groovebox iOS app (most dumb commercial decision ever...) Launchkey mk1 should be compatible but who knows...

    If after all of that you get working the Launchkey then let's see the Z1...

    Start plugging the Z1 to its (or compatible) PSU. After that connect the usb cable (A>B not the lightning you done first time) into the CCK3 and finally the CCK3 into the lightning port from the iPad. Check if sound works (to see if anything else work you will need Traktor dj app compatible with the Z1... not sure if the latest version supports it)

    If it works then unplug the CCK3, plug the Z1 usb (A>B cable) into the hub and repeat the process with the hub in between.

    If these work with the Hub separately then try in junction (be sure PSUs are plugged and switch on before you plug anything into the hub) and be careful about the step order. If you plug the CCK3 first instead as I'm pointing you it could be possible (and reasonable from Apple's developers who designed the power consumption start cycle from the lightning port) not working and messaging. Every time the iPad drops one of these messages you should unplug the CCK3 and sometimes even restart the device since the lightning port has an internal chip (the cable too) managing these "handshake". Take that in consideration and be scrupulous following my steps, please.

    If you do any of these steps and still hasn't success, try another USB hub... and I hope you are using an original CCK3 from Apple since third party are money wasted (Apple usually wrecks their compatibility every time a "security update" arrives and we know who comprehensive is Apple when we don't want to update our devices (asking every time they can like the mofos they are...)

    Hope it helps and tell us how it gone.


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    Olá Mutis ! Você é muito gentil, eu tenho que esperar até amanhã para poder fazer novamente ! Mas farei.

    Se eu entendi bem você está sugerindo verificações para saber se o hub funciona, certo?

    Bem, em breve farei esses testes, e realmente eu agradeço muito à você.

  • Mutis
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    Not only the hub but the combination of everything step by step to debug any possible failing piece (and power supply related point). Check the connections to make them match the diagram I shared before.

    Take your time and let’s hope you get the setup working properly.


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