Huge problem to login to Izotope account

maxepama Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi, what happen with NI? Cant login to our account, plugin not working because of wrong login details? Reset password, been blocked, no results! We loved Izotope before, right now we need to move over to other great plugins and want money back. Bad!

Any idea whats going on?


  • AndreBlais
    AndreBlais Member Posts: 12 Member

    I couldn't agree more! I also was surprised to find that my password had suddenly changed without notice - I forget how it all happened now because it was some time ago but I was able to get in pretty quickly.

    However, I've just been forced to create yet another ticket with Native Instruments for due to an authorization issue iZotope's Stutter Edit - I have NEVER had issues in iZotope in at least 6 years of owning their products. I've owned this product since at least 2017 or 2018 and I've never had this issue. I can neither authorize it through Product Portal nor through iLok.

    Every contribution I've made to this community forum has been negative because my experience as a customer has been abysmal.

    It's clear that everything NI get's their greasy German fingers on inevitably turns to trash and I hate every second of it.

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