How to extract Noire's particles engine in a midi track in Logic ?

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I bought Noire and the sound is amazing. However, something is bothering me.

I can record the MIDI FX output in Logic Pro (like an arpeggiator).

But I can't record midi notes that are generated by a plugin in Kontakt, like the particles engine within Noire.

Any idea how I could do that ? is it even possible ?

The idea is to have control on the notes afterwards.



  • Milos
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    Please elaborate...

    Do you mean that you can manually record the midi track, but can't insert a sample from the I close?

  • Shenwoo
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    Not exactly. Thanks for your interest, I'm gonna try to be more specific. (sorry if my english isn't perfect)

    In Logic, if I create a midi track, insert Kontakt7, choose Noire in Kontakt7 then I can record what I play on my midi master keyboard. Later, I will be able to correct those notes manually (pitch, velocity, location and so on).

    But, within Noire, there's the "particles engine" that generates extra midi notes. Those are related with what I play but won't appear on my midi track when i record it. I'd like to be able to adjust them precisely out of the engine.

    Logic provides midi effects like arpegiator, and it's possible to capture the midi notes like it's detailed here : (I even saw that the newest version of Logic has a direct functionality for this, but I didn't upgrade yet)

    However, the particle's engine is not a midi effect, it's within the plugin : those technics don't work.

    So, is it possible to capture those midi notes generated by Noire's particles engine ? and how ?


  • komthusr
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    edited December 2023

    I have just noticed that after updating to the latest Noire version, it loses the wrench icon which you could open and you could control the instrument buses, effects etc. WHY?????

    Before the update, I was able to only single out the particles (on Bus 3) and after bouncing them to wav, could chop them up, and other things. Now it's gone. How is removing Kontakt instrument features an update?

    Might it be that I only have Kontakt 7 Player, could someone confirm that the wrench icon is still there in the full version of Kontakt 7?


    I don't think you can edit midi particle notes as they did not get recorded as far as I remember.

  • Kymeia
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    The wrench icon for edit is still there for me in the full Kontakt, it would not be in Player

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Shenwoo It's a tricky one. First of all, recording MIDI from a AU plug-in was impossible before Logic 10.8, not sure if it's still possible with 10.8.1, maybe @Kymeia can confirm.

    In the case it is (or was) possible, there is a setting in Kontakt, not sure if it's still showing in Kontakt Player:

    Now comes the third difficulty. The internal MIDI scripts and notes do not always provide the exact notes, it's more like an internal MIDI script and sometimes recording it's output does not correspond to the notes you actually hear or want to extract.

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