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Ivan Thomson
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I would like to make a feature request for Traktor. I hope this is the appropriate place to do this.

The feature I would like to see added into a future version of Traktor would be a means to set a path (in options) for a text file, that would be generated while playing a set. This text file would be appended each time a track is loaded into a deck with the various metadata (song title, artist, path, BPM, deck loaded into, time and date loaded, etc) [comma delimited data format].

The reason I am requesting this feature is that it would make tracking credits for remixing much much much easier as Tracktor would simply generate a text file containing all the tracks used in a mixing session which could be edited later on by the user and used to identify and post credits.

Thank you very much.


  • Harald Walker
    Harald Walker Member Posts: 24 Member

    Sounds very similar to what you can already do using 'Save as webpage' on a playlist or smartlist like 'Played in this session'. I does give you HTML with the meta-data you select but it is easy then to copy and paste that into a spreadsheet to process it further


  • Ivan Thomson
    Ivan Thomson Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi Herald Walker, thanks for that info. Much appreciated. I'll certainly have to try this out.

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