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Right now it's not easy to see which posts have been made since your last visit.

There are dates and times in the bottom corner of posts, but they're not easy to see - and the order of posts seems random (old posts are higher than new ones).

There's no way of ordering posts by the date/time, with latest posts first. Can we have this please?



  • Fox
    Fox Member Posts: 12 Member

    The older posts are whatever the equivalent of pinned is for this forum. "Discussions" is almost what you're looking for, but it shows pinned posts and a chronological list of updated topics below rather than new posts.

  • Kubrak
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    The posts are ordered by time. Just, one has to skip few (5 or so) topmost sticky ones.

    It might be good, if sticky ones are marked or in its own section. But even now it is not a problem, over the time one learns them.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 948 admin

    There's actually a bunch of filtering options coming for the discussion pages.

    This isn't something we can implement ourselves but it has been mentioned by our provider already and scheduled for Q2 afaik. We'll have a thread about upcoming features for the community very soon (just finishing up our own roadmap).

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