Traktor Pro - Hot cue enhancement


I would love it if you would give users the ability to custom color the hot cue points. Right now, the colors change automatically based on the type of cue users select. For example, grid hot cues are white, regular hot cues are blue, loops are green, etc. What I would like is the ability to assign custom colors to the cue based on how many beats are left before the next bar starts (for example, -1 = yellow, -2 = red, -3 grey, etc.). This would give me a visual clue as to when I need to press the cue button if I want to keep the correct phrasing of the song, especially during transitions. Alternatively, since colors pose an accessibility hurdle (for color blind people), it would be great if the flag on the sound wave could be enlarged to show some custom text. Now the hot cues just show the numbers 1-8. I am suggesting something like displaying 4 chars total. Ex:5-3 would mean that cue #5 is set 3 beats before the start of the bar.

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