Logic Host Integration not working for Kontrol S61 MK3

GuessuR Member Posts: 15 Member

So I've been having numerous problems with my S61 MK3. The 1st one I received completely shut off due to a firmware installation. Just got my new keyboard yesterday, and while it installed fine I was having an issue with my Komplete Kontrol M32 and Maschine MK3 where the transport buttons were triggering notes. This is a previous issue I've had that I detailed in this past post

After consulting with NI Support I had this issue figured out, so I did all the steps hoping it would be the easy fix that it's been. One of the steps is deleting all the control surfaces in setup. Well...this worked for the Maschine & the M32, but now Logic Pro won't auto add the S61, and the transport buttons are now triggering notes (AARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!). I found the new article about fixing host integration issues for the S61, but it is not working at all. Hopefully I can link it in the comments since I can't have 2 links in one post...


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