Just bought K14 CE - any way to install *only* Expansions?

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** I am a DUMMY. I didn't realise there was an Access 2. So that answers that.


Hey all. As in the title, I just nabbed the K14 Collector's Edition upgrade for BF because I was dangerously close to dropping $300 on Teenage Engineering's newest toy (a cross between an MPC and a calculator) and then I realised, Maschine Mk3 is still amazing and I work at my desk 99% of the time AND already own an iPad for on the go so. Anyway...

Mostly bought K14 for the expansions, but there's no way to filter them out as a product type. And nothing to discern them from Kontakt libraries, Massive Expansions, plugins, etc.

Is there a secret to this or do I have to just go through the Expansions category on the What's Included page and find/install one by one in Access?


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