analyzed AutoGain-Tracks: why adjusting level needed or what level should I use at S4Mk3?

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maybe the headline tells it all

I analyzed all my tracks with "AutoGain"-option activated

for just mixing-lessons it was okay, but i recorded a set this week and had to restart recording because I´ve to adjust the GAIN-level

my settings where: Level for A & B at 12 o´clock and the master at 4 o´clock because over it, the Steinberg UR22C start showing flashing Clip-LED

what do I make wrong or how should I adjust A, B, & Master for a good recorded set?

hope someone can give me some advises/hints


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    Autogain will level the tracks so they're all similar levels, but you might still get the odd peak. Also, the final output level will depend on what EQ settings you have and what effects you're using. Your best bet is to play a few songs using effects/EQ and use the master level to make sure you don't clip. Then turn it down a little more as a safety buffer before recording your set. I'm assuming you're going from the outputs on the S4 into the inputs on the UR22? The alternative would be to use Traktor's internal mix recorder

    -- Mike

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    I don't know a good solution for you, but I can say how I adjust mine, I use a focusrite 2i2, my A and B gain are at 10 o'clock and master between 1-2, but I adjust - 6db of headroom in settings, and the gain input in focusrite are at 11-12 o'clock, the focusrite have a programmable color led in botoms for levers, 3 levels, I have green, blue, and red (clip), I adjust the gain for stay in green and sometimes litle blue, I don't know the UR, but if not you can see the total exit level in software you use.

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    thanks for answers

    I´m a bit confused on another point first: thought I started this topic, didn´t found so I started today a new one:

    maybe a mod can merge them ;)

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