Where to tweak the Volume that the Recorded-Mix is the same as the tracks outside Traktor?

I´ve recorded last night my newest DJ-Set with Traktor-REC-function, but it´s again lower in noteable volume compared to the tracks listened to via WMP/WinAmp etc.

so where do I have to set what volume?

I analyzed all tracks with Auto-Gain, set the Line-Volume mostly at 12 o'clock, had the Master-Gain at 3 o'clock to get no clipping in Traktor at the REC-Meter, there is the Gain untouched, so it´s at 12 o'clock

the LED-meters on the tracks have most 1-2 orange LEDs, never red LED

nearly forgotten: classic Limiter is activated and I´m using actual TraktorPro3 @ Traktor S4Mk3

can someone please help me, also a "just ok" would help, but fear of making something totally wrong


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  • Fotis Leon
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    I ve got almost everything similar to you, (maybe everything).

    Set the Rec gain to +3db and my recordings are still in lower volume than the original. Haven't recored anything more that +3db cause it starts getting "red" at VU meters.

    Master Gain doesn't make any difference in internal recording of Traktor if i am not mistaken.

  • zephry
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    The best you can do is set a decent headroom use the limiter. Have a couple tracks being mixed with some slightly louder lows. Make sure the tracks are not clipping with channel levels all the way up. Then adjust the record volume until it clips (in the recording area) and back off. This should get you the best volume possible.

    I usually didn't worry about the recording level as long as it didn't clip. I used audacity to fix the levels instead. Audacity has all the loudness tools you need and is free.

    If you get into streaming to YouTube or Twitch it can get really touchy to match other broadcast volumes. There are other audio tools to get better results.

    The Traktor Plus subscription also gives access to the Ozone Limiter. I seemed to get a louder sounding recording with that, but a bit of a compromise on audio quality.

  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 560 Pro

    I noticed your other thread question about Autogain.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but the Autogain only lowers or raises the volume of the track. It doesn't keep your volume adjusted automatically no matter what is happening.

    It works ok for tracks that have a pretty constant volume. But can end up being harder to mix, also it can boost or lower some effects like delays or reverbs might be a sudden spike or barely audible.

    I use it but have had to boost a few tracks that were low. Most of what I play works well with Autogain.

    If you don't use auto gain an easy trick is to take a quick look at the waveform. If it is maxed out and huge, mix in lower. If it is a super skinny waveform, it is going to need EQ boosts or the gain knob up a bit.

    Also if you notice extremes of super small or raging sausage waveforms. Possibly look for a better version or maybe give up on those.

  • TurnedTables
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    Load your mix into Audacity.

    Effects > Volume > Normalize. (I think that's the menu chain, you want to find the Normalize function )

    This will raise the overall volume level of your mix.

    Export the mix.

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