Scale feature (S keyboard) no longer working

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I recently updated the Komplete Kontrol software and encounterd two issues. The first being the Komplete Kontrol database getting corrupted, resulting in error messages saying the plug-in could not be found. I've had these happen before and this fix has always been easy but time consuming because KK has to rescan your entire library. I'm really hoping NI will fix this issue seeing that it's not the first time so they must be aware of it, right?

Second issue is that the scale feature stopped working as well, I'm certain this is a software issue because the lights on my S61 mk2 work just fine and get brighter when a key is pressed. I like to use the light guide on my keyboard but the other options (Mapped, Easy and Learn) don't work either. I'm not sure in which recent KK update the problem was introduced as I went from 2.9.4 to 3.0.2.

I tried finding a solution online but without luck so far, is there a known fix for this?



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    What is your system, I am on 3.02 on M1 Mac and Scales are working for me and I have not seen reports of problems with this before

    Which plugins is KK saying cannot be found? I'm not sure it would be a database problem as in the transition from 2 to 3 it would have rebuilt the database, it may be more about paths. KK3 doesn't automatically add the path to VST2 for example.

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    Same for me @Mark98 . I bought a new Mac which was already running OS14. Ive not noticed any massive software issues but the scales on my Komplete Kontrol are not working. No idea what to do about it.

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