Frequent brief noise problems Traktor Pro 3.10.0 on Mac M2 and Ventura

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I have a serious problem with brief occurrences of white noise when mixing. These can happen 3-5 times in the span of 20 minutes - so relatively frequently.

Example audio can be found by adding dropbox(dot)com before the following:


(It's very stupid that you cannot attach audio file types, or even use a URL in your post when you're a relatively new user!)

This is from a simple open format mix, and i took another deck in and out several times, as in the example provided. You can clearly hear the white noise at 12.3 seconds and 37.3 seconds. These examples of white noise are not the same length. You can also hear that it's not necessarily exactly when I move the fader: The first example I'm clearly already finished fading out the other deck, whereas in the second example it happens whilst the second deck is in the mix. There is EQ and maybe filter (cannot remember) on the deck going in and out.

This was recorded to a virtual audio device on my Mac, but happen just as well straight up using the S4 Mk3 audio device - output straight to my monitors. Thus, it should not be an audio device problem.

I have tried changing the buffer size up and down somewhat, and also turning on/off the multicore processing - to no effect.

Any ideas on what to do? I seem to be able to reproduce this bug somewhat, at least over a relatively brief period of time. I'd be happy to help NI test and troubleshoot.

Computer and OS: Macbook Air M2 2022 with Ventura 13.4

Software: Traktor Pro 3.10.0 71

Controller: Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

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