LOCK MODES/States into a SCENE?

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I reallly like LOCK_MODES (well, it could be LESS wide-window /less clicks-... .. but its really nice and ok! Ilike it!

But how can i transform a Global LOCK into a new Scene? I found no way and i reed the fFM!

Of course - Transfom-FX... some other things will not work - when LOCK into Scene... but NOBOBY is expectinhg this....

Give me simple the MUTES and my "current" VST_Parameters from LOCK XY .. as BASE for new Scene 2,3,4.. all rudimentary build with my test & fly combinations... via LOCK STATE?


  • Moonbot7000
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    No, Lock States cannot be automated/sequenced. Would be nice!

  • D-One
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    Well... You can't convert them to a Scene/Section but you can automate them externally, this mostly applies for when using Maschine as a Plugin inside a DAW as you can use notes to trigger Locks with "MIDI Change".

    Technically it's also possible internally with quirky workarounds such as connecting your MIDI DIN out Port to your Input, or using virtual ports but thats a bit messy for most people.

  • Impermanence
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    Midi out to midi in is a new trick for me. Even though it is so obvious. Will give it a try!

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    Hi, i have tried to explain this, i hope you can understand it. and have a look here in the thread there are a few more tips, at least i think so.

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