Does Traktor Pro3 currently have Stem Separation technology?

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I'm new to the DJ world and am deciding on what route to go with my DJing and one of the things I see Serrato and VirtualDJ have the I can't figure out if Traktor has is Stem Separation, which I understand as the ability to upload a song and have the software extract the individual stems. I recently purchased the Traktor Pro 3 software.

Does this currently exist on Traktor Pro3? If so, how do I utilize it?

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  • niq V
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    edited November 19

    It's on the roadmap but not currently available. You CAN pre-separate your tracks into stems files using a third-party tool like RipX, then use those in Traktor if you want, but that's a separate function than what you'd get in VirtualDJ/Serato.

  • TurnedTables
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    Traktor has better stem control than Serato but doesn't support live stem splitting and is unlikely to do so any time soon. I would recommend using nuo-stems software to pre-split your tracks , it produces high quality stems equal or better to what VDJ and Serato create.

    What hardware do you have to use Traktor with?

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