Duplicate order: charged twice for S61

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I was absolutely SHOCKED to learn, after purchase but before delivery of product, that NI Customer Service is below Poor. It is insultingly Poor and Non-Existent. It is not timely, there is no system in place to support good customers. I am in the process of CANCELING MY ENTIRE ORDER because the Customer Service is SO POOR. Anybody have similar experience? Post here.



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    I've been using the NI ecosystem since 2013. Never had an issue with customer support, never spoke to real person since day 1. Everything has been handled satisfactorily via issuing a support ticket.

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    My issue was on day one with an errant duplicate order. My card was charged an additional $1,440. Is there a number I can call, NO. Is there a 24-hour chat to deal with order errors on a widely-announced Black Friday deal? No. Support ticket has not been answered AT ALL since last night. Meanwhile, I cannot stop the shipping of the errant order. You may have had good luck since 2013, but in 2023 this company is warm dog poop 💩.

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    While you shouldn’t have to do this, could you phone your credit/debit card company and stop the other payment?

    I'm not sticking up for them, I would be fuming if this happened to me, even more so if say it took all my available funds needed for other bills etc.

    But very few companies unless they’re huge have 24hr contact numbers, I’ve just googled a few well known UK ones

    Argos 8am - 8pm

    The Range 8am - 6pm

    Virgin media 8am - 9pm

    Looking at other music companies

    Arturia no phone number

    Steinberg, 10am - midday Mon - Fri except Thursday when it’s 2pm - 5 pm

    Spectrasonics, 10am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time

    while true most of the places I listed offer phone support during the day, I think NI has online chat in the daytime, never used it and I’ve yet to find any online chat that quickly gets me through to a human.

    if you had bought online at any of these companies, and it was out of hours or Arturia, you would be in exactly the same position, so while I don’t like it when companies make talking to a human impossible, Komplete in my opinion is superb software and if you stopped using every bit of software that stopped you getting through to a human 24/7, I doubt there’s very much software you would end up using.

    I know I sound like I’m sticking up for them, I’m not, I don’t like this trend anymore than most other people do, and again if I was experiencing what you are going through, I too would be livid, it’s just that it will get sorted and it is great software, and sadly most companies are now as bad as each other when it comes to customer service

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    I partialy agree.

    I tried to install one free product from Native Instruments 5 times, and it is not installed.

    It is not really an issue for me anymore, but trust me, this NI service is for some people, the Millenium Edition of a typical customer service (only Windows users will understand)

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    Had a couple of support issues in 2023 - all were answered in a timely manner.

    Now - there is a right way to contact support and a number of wrong ways (like sending a blind email)

    You did not mention what you did.


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    I submitted a "Support Ticket" more than 24 hours ago, as protocol requires. Haven't heard anything back from NI.

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    And yes, I have disputed all charges with credit card company. Why? Because no timely response from NI. All of this could have been avoided.

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    "Komplete in my opinion is superb software and if you stopped using every bit of software that stopped you getting through to a human 24/7, I doubt there’s very much software you would end up using." I have ABSOLUTELY no issues with the software. But support for the HARDWARE is the issue. If NI had to send out a correct registration code, I can wait for 24 hours, but double-bill me for additional thousands of dollars without a swift manner of reversing the error is mind-numbingly stupid, in my opinion.

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    NI's primary function is not a hardware retailer.

    You are judging a "steakhouse" by the quality of their fish.

    Not really excusing them.. I think if NI is gonna try to sell hardware direct, they need to deliver customer service up there with the best.

    BUT... if you really want a steak.. go to a steakhouse.

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    Here is the difference between "Steak and Fish" that NI does not understand:

    I drafted a letter to NI corporate in Germany and emailed to [email protected] explaining that this email address is listed in the Stripe transaction as the contact email for addressing all issues concerning FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS and informing them that under the United States Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection laws their company has an absolute obligation to address financial transactions in a timely manner, having nothing to do with NI Product Customer Support or Service. Here was their response which the Federal Trade Commission will soon inform them is contrary to federal law:

    Thank you for contacting Native Instruments. For all inquiries or questions regarding products, orders or support, please use our online support options:

    Please note that questions related to the above subjects can only be answered if submitted via the online form. This is because you will be required to supply specific information about your order, your product and/or your computer system in order for our support teams to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to make use of the self-help and contact options on the Support website.

    All other inquiries sent to the [email protected] E-Mail address will be forwarded to the appropriate Native Instruments department for their earliest attention.

    We do, however, receive a large volume of inquiries via this E-Mail address, and therefore apologize in advance if your E-Mail cannot be answered immediately.

    Many thanks and kind regards,


    Native Instruments' fatal flaw, which will cost them untold amounts of money in litigation, is that they conflate commercial code with federal financial transaction obligations and requirements. I will not rest until NI stops its abusive practices.

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    Customer service is horrid. Had issues with an order that was placed. Multiple emails were sent with no response. After no response for a week, I stated that if they can’t respond and sort out the issue, I wish to cancel my order.

    After a week, their choice of resolution? They cancelled my order! No let’s fix this!

    That was the final straw, I emailed back cc’ing a leadership member stating I wanted to speak with someone to discuss this issue.

    The leadership decided to respond back trying to chastise me for stating my frustration (my email was VERY firm but respectful). Leadership couldn’t grasp basic customer service protocols. So clearly the rot starts at the top down.

    I’d be hard pressed to do business with them anymore. Which is sad because up until this point was a fan of the hardware and software.

    They don’t respect customers.

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    Day 4, still no customer service response. I created another support ticket trying to deal with the duplicate order issue, because I really want the new S61 MK3. I even upgraded to Collector's Edition, but NI is shipping TWO S61s. I have no idea which keyboard Ultimate software package is assigned to my Collector's Edition upgrade.🙄

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    So @PoorFellow has a contact at NI. I hope @Jeremy_NI does read these posts because there is a real issue with the code they have with their connection to the Stripe API. When an order is placed (At least in my case) the system returned a dialogue box that had an apparent PHP code error message stating that the transaction failed. So on my second attempt to purchase which was successful, the system placed a duplicate order causing an additional $1,440 charge (and also, I have no idea which keyboard would be assigned to my Collector's Edition upgrade). All I want to do is talk to somebody at NI and work this issue out so I can have my S61 MK3 and Collector's Edition function correctly. Is that too much to ask?

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    Thank you @PoorFellow

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