Cubase 12.0.7 hangs on Maschine 2.17.4 and can't load the project

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The title says it all,

When a Cubase 12.0.7 project contains a VST 3 Maschine instance, which was made with 2.16, 2.15 or even below that, it can't open the 2.17.4 VST 3 version of Maschine. The project hangs while loading it. When Maschine 2.17.4 is disabled while loading, the project loads just fine. Testet on the latest Windows 10 release on two different PCs.

Possible solution: revert to 2.16 to be able to open the projects again. But unfortuantely, it is not part of the legacy installers page.

Can someone from NI share a link for the previous version? Thank you.

Cheeres, Tomess.


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    Sorry this has happened for you. Using maschine inside of cubase is a nightmare most of the time. Definitely learned to just export the maschine project as .wav file then import into cubase, then do all of the arranging. Cubase is starting to get on my nerves especially with this latest 13 release. It looks worse than 12, and probably is just as broken :(

    Ps: maschine 2.17.4 needs to go away asap

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    Thank you for your response. Normally, Maschine as a VST 3 inside Cubase works without any hiccups for me. But I only use it as a sound source and route every channel to a dedicated Cubase Channel. Also, all the Midi comes from Cubase. Never the less, it should be possible to get the previous installer more easily. It will take days for the support to answer me (I got through the proper channel on the NI website today). And it is not clear if I will even get a previous 2.16 installer. But right now, I can't open any Cubase project that has the Maschine VST 3 inside when it was created with the 2.16 or previous version of the VST 3. And it is nearly in every project. This happen also in the past. Maschine 2.7 was not really downward compatible to 2.6.8. Although the bug was different. The VST 2.4 got loaded, but it was a blank Maschine GUI without any content. Anyway, I hope to get the 2.16 installer somehow, so that I can work on my older projects again. This is once again a reminder to always keep the last stable installer of Maschine for my setup.

    Cheeres, Tomess

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    @Jeremy_NI also provided a download link for MASCHINE 2.16.1. which is the last version fully compatible with the M+.

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    Thank you very much, @Sunborn and @ozon for providing me with some of the earlier versions of the Maschine 2 installer for windows, it is highly appreciated. I've tested both and found out that 2.15.2 resolves the issue, I was able to open my older Cubase 12.0.7 projects again. 2.16.1 has the same issue as 2.17.4 on both of my windows 10 systems. The Cubase projects get stuck on opening while trying to initiate the VST 3 plugin of these versions inside the project.

    Cheers, Tomess

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