How Do I Purchase Maschine v2 Software Only?

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Hi all,

I would like to get started using the Maschine software as a plugin within Ableton Live (I don't have a controller and have not intention of getting one). I really just want to be able to access the tons of Maschine kits that I already own via my Komplete Ultimate CE bundle. Only problem is I don't own Maschine v1 software, and the only option I can see on the website for purchasing Maschine v2 software is an upgrade from v1. Yet search for Maschine v1 and nothing comes up. Does Maschine v1 refer to the factory library maybe?

All I can see on the website are upgrade options, but even when I go to purchase the Factory Library Upgrade, I get the message below. But I'm not using any of the devices listed. I just want to start using Machine software (ideally v2) as a plugin within Ableton, nothing else.

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!



  • Vagus
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    So if you're looking to use this with Ableton - you can access those kits in Komplete Kontrol, although you wouldn't be able to use the projects that come with each kit/expansion (which might be the draw).

    I think, the only way you can get the Maschine software is by owning some hardware.

    I don't agree with that, but I'm also expecting an update to Maschine to happen end of this year / Q1 - and that may change.

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    They don't officially sell the Maschine software separately, It doesn't really make too much sense to do so since theres tons software features that can only be accessed via a controller. That screenshot is for the Factory Library Upgrade, that's basically the sounds not the software so don't go buying that.

    You have 3 options:

    1. Even tho you don't plan to use a controller buying one used would be the cheapest option, MK2's go for as low as 40$ on ebay, assuming the seller transfers the SW license correctly you get the SW license + full library for very cheap.
    2. Buying KK M32, usually around 90$ in retailers and comes with Maschine Essentials (what the upgrade in your picture is meant to be used with)
    3. Buy Maschine essentials on it's own, it's meant for people who bought a used Maschine Controller but were ghosted when it came time for the seller to transfer the License. €69.00 Not sure how advised this trickery can be and it does not come with the full library.

    Up to you.

    Here's the latest sales of MK2's on ebay US:

    If you're on windows you could even get an MK1, it's should be worth like 3 bubble gums and a pack of cigarettes nowadays.

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    Hi Vagus - thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly!

    I'm trying to accomplish the workflow on the YT video titled 'How to Route MASCHINE 2 Sounds to Separate Audio Tracks in Ableton Live' (apparently I have to be on the forum a bit longer before I can post links, sorry). Based on your response, it looks like this is impossible without first buying the hardware, is that correct?

    If so, that's a real bummer, but I guess it is what it is.

    Thanks again!

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    Hey D-One. Thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

    Just for clarification...

    So if I go with option 3, then I'll be able to access all of the Maschine kits like Deep Matter, Motor impact etc via the Maschine software and edit the kits as if I actually owned a Maschine controller - but without the need to actually buy one?

    Or must I buy a controller for option 3 to even work at all?


  • D-One
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    Yes, if you own a Maschine License then NA will allow you to install the SW and use it anyway you see fit, the software doesn't check for controllers it only checks if you own it or not... however, I am bit hesitant to give you the go ahead for this solution since you would be using a trick to get the license.

    In your shoes I would not pick this option or I would confirm with tech support first that you don't get into any trouble for doing this.

  • Ocorra
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    Yeah I think I’ll contact tech support.


  • ozon
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    I’d buy a used Mk2 or Mk3. It’s so much more fun and ergonomic to use the software with the hardware instead of controlling everything via mouse.

    @Vagus are you sure Kits / Groups can be loaded directly into Komplete Kontrol?

  • 6xes
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    i remember coming in to the world of Maschine music blindly after seeing this video

    i purchased the Maschine jam as my 1st peice of maschine hardware... not realising the whole maschine software side of it....

    i also purchased a maschine mk2 within days of purchasing the maschine Jam (no software :-s) LOL

    as timing would have it after realising the need for software, NI offered a upgrade from the maschine 1.x software...

    so i ended up purchasing a mk1 with the maschine 1.x software and then upgraded to 2.0 and i was set...

    if i knew then what i know now.... i would hunt for a Seller that is selling the maschine software & hardware, for the reasons that... the software& hardware work together with great intergration

    personally after using the Hardware... the Maschine Jam is by far the most versatile of the hardware controllers... the maschine mk2 or mk3 is a must to get the best out of the maschine software...

    but the maschine Jam stands head & shoulders over the maschine Mk2 & Mk3 controllers for the shear amount of configuration and versatility outside of the Maschine software... truely an under utilised peice of hardware if used only with the maschine software

  • 6xes
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    heres a video i did a little while back utilising 2 maschine Jams using the routing outs to the EXT's

    in this video im using 4 maschine instances or 4 songs also using looped samples in one part of the video... just as a little demonstration of using the Maschine Jam controller outside of Maschine(within Reaper)... but still controlling aspects of Maschine using the midi change function to basically change the scenes on the left controller

    heres the video:

  • reffahcs
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    Wow the Jam looks cool, gonna have to find a used one on Reverb.

  • Ocorra
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    Thanks all,

    I'm not totally averse to using a controller - I already have an Akai APC40 and APC25 Key, I just really would like to use the Maschine Expansion kits (and be able to edit the midi in the Maschine software) and would rather not have to buy another controller to do that.


  • Ocorra
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    From what I can see you can only load the loops from the kits and trigger the loops via midi in Ableton. So essentially KK acts as a sampler. It's not what I was looking for exactly as it isn't the full control that you get in the Maschine software, but better than nothing.

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