Issues inside Traktor Pro 3 when importing tracks from Music (iTunes) Library into Track Collection

When I'm inside Traktor, under Music (iTunes) library I can see both artists name and track name. But when I import them in Traktor Track Collection, the artists name disappears, and all I can only see the track name and number. You can see this in picture 1 and 2. 

By the way, the names and folders are the ones given by the iTunes Store when I buy the songs. They all have correct metadata (as you can see from the picture 3) and it is iTunes that decides in which folders' order to store them (as you can see from picture 4). None of the songs I had were imported from CD's, all bought in iTunes Store.

Do you know why? Tried few times... Even restarting Traktor.

Thank you heaps!!!



  • Kn4llFr0sch
    Kn4llFr0sch Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Please try to use a Tag Editor like "Music Tag Editor" or ID3 TagIt to tag your files.

    Seems like Traktor cannot handle m4a tags right.

  • Eclectic Lily
    Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 22 Newcomer

    Hum.... strange as othe people I know have no problem...

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