Can you lock / freeze a layout in Traktor?

I find that I get a layout 'just so' in Traktor, then the program either has a fit and resets everything or (more commonly) I hit a button without noticing and lose an element I like and have to fish around in the very complicated settings page to put it right.

Can you think of a way of locking down a setup so that is protected against glitches / muppetry?


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  • lord-carlos
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    Yes, but the premise of is thread is that OP does make chances to the layout (by accident).

    And my point was that I'm somewhat sure that those changes get saved to the layout you are using. Loading the layout again would not help. Or what am I missing?

    I can only think of creating a few copies of the layout you want to keep, and then load a copy if you change it by accident.


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