Couple of quick functionality questions about the M32

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Hi. I'm considering the M32, as there are very few compact keyboards out there with 25+ keys. However, there are a few questions I have about the unit in use that I cannot seem to clarify, so any help much appreciated.

  1. Sanjay C made a video years ago about how you have to jump through a few hoops to use the M32 with Ableton in terms of controling device parameters in "blue hand" mode. Does this still apply today, or is Ableton scripting available out of the box?
  2. In this video Taetro shows how you can use a controller like the MPK Mini Plus to scroll left and right in a project in Arrangement View. This is a function missing off many Ableton specific keyboards as they tend to focus on Session View, so Arrangement View controls can be a nice plus. Does the M32 also do this?
  3. I upgraded my Komplete Kontrol to 3.0 when it came out as I currently do not have an NI keyboard. If I were to pick up the M32, would I need to roll this back to the latest v2 version to allow me to use the M32, before KK is updated for mk2 devices?



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