Help Please! Upgraded to KK v3.0 and now missing 53 expansions in loop browser



  • musiccityLB
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    edited November 2023

    Here's my last comment on the issue and then I'm moving on - I've got music to produce! ;)

    The reason I don't accept that NI was unaware of the "problem" is because of ease of observing the issue: open KK browser in either standalone or plugin format and look at content. In my case, Instruments & One Shot expansion content all present and accounted for. Loops? In my case 53 out of 93 expansions MISSING. Certainly not a difficult or veiled issue to recognize. And who installs major software upgrade on a computer and doesn't have a look to make sure all the fingers and toes are accounted for?

  • Kymeia
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    That’s fine, you don’t have to accept it, at least it’s going to be fixed.

    My concern is more that the browser itself is no longer fit for purpose when it comes to actually using samples with multiple plugins as well as the built in modules as it has lost significant functionality. And that is why I certainly did not notice some loops not showing up because I have no longer been using samples in KK3 (not that have have that many packs anyway)

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