Issues installing Komplete Ultimate 13 from the hard-drive

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I am installing Ultimate Komplete 13 on my Macbook (Big Sur operating system).

First of all: It's my 5th Komplete Ultimate version and already after the countless problems, bugs and crashes with Ultimate 11 I didn't really want to buy Native products anymore.

I took the plunge again and regret it every second of the last few days. Native customers seem to be beta testers by design.

I have already had to cancel the entire installation twice, delete everything and reinstall. Regularly deleting the iso and aria files in the download folder helps. However, to restart, I have to end the Native Access process immediately because it won't close. The installation keeps stalling for hours. On the third installation attempt, I installed half of Ultimate 13 within 20 (!) hours. Although I install from the purchased hard disk, it seems to download almost all products.

What do I buy the hard disk version for then?

How can it be that the installation process takes so long? I have a fast internet, that can't be the problem. I don't know of any problems with the installation of other programmes. Is this a known phenomenon and can I do something about it?



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    Hi @Bejaflor welcome to the NI online community. Saw some posts recently with people having a similar issue and all have solved it by either disabling firewall or running updates in a safe mode. You can find more info here: My Native Access Downloads Are Taking Too Long

    If the problem persists after following the troubleshooting steps, can you tell us what your OS is and if you received any error message in NA?

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