No Midi input from keyboard.

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Howdy folks. I'm having an issue while trying to use a Komplete Kontrol M32 with Ableton Live. It appears that for some reason, Ableton is not registering any midi inputs as per the Key/Midi In Indicator, located at the top right hand corner of Ableton, next to the CPU Usage indicator.

The drivers are up to date, as is Ableton. I am running Win10.

The keyboards built in displays are correctly showing the instrument loaded on the track, and the buttons (ie Play, Stop, Undo etc) are functioning correctly in Ableton. All parts of the keyboard that are expected to light up are doing so, and responding to input.

In the Link/Tempo/Midi Section of the settings within Ableton, The keyboard appears to be set up correctly. In the Midi Control Surface section, the hardware is selected as an input and output. In the Midi Ports section, Track and Remote are both ticked for input and output.

I have tried using different USB ports on the PC. I have tried turning everything on and off again. I am using the originally supplied cable, which is undamaged, and works fine when tested with a printer that uses the same port.

I don't have another computer with Ableton to test it on.

I would massively appreciate any suggestions.



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    it should look like this:

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    You could start by checking if keyboard works as should :

    For Windows : 

    Install MIDI-OX and test your keyboard using that ! :

    in Midi-ox

    In Menu options -> Midi devices -> Midi input there add the N.I. keyboard entries

    Then in menu View select either 'Input Monitor' or 'Port Status'

    Input monitor will display info and port status will show small blinks when using keys

    There are also on-line midi tests but they may want you to accept something running in your browser that you may not want , but if you want then there ought to be plenty sites , like this or this Chrome/Opera/Edge

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    @JamesBartlett Do you still need help? Have you tried to open Komplete Kontrol in standalone? Can you post a screenshot of your prefernces -> MIDI inputs?

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