Can I use my Komplete 12 Ultimate library with Maschine Plus standalone

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I currently own MK3 and Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector's Edition.

I'm thinking of purchasing the Standalone for travel purposes. Can someone help me with the following:

Can I use my Komplete 12 library with the Standalone or must I purchase something else?

I have 99 GB of sounds. Can the standalone handle all those sounds. Do I need to purchase some additional equipment [sound card etc] to use the standalone?

Do I need to expand it?


  • Kubrak
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    I do not have M+, but may answer part of your questions.

    M+ comes with some of plugins and libraries from Komplete 13. You may use your K12U CE when connected to PC (like as if you would used MK3), but not in standalone mode.

    You would need external memory card for your 99 GB of sounds. (Or maybe it is possible use external disc - I am not sure.)

    M+ has soundcard, as well as MK3.


    Sidenote. While M+ is interesting gear, it has (because of technological reasons/limits - limited space, no active cooling) not very powerful CPU and not much RAM memory. So, it is suitable for light projects.

    Also, number of NI plugins ported to M+ is limited, it has only a small fraction of K12U CE. So, better to check if it has plugins you use. (You may not buy/add more plugins than that come with M+. They do not exist.) And also check it has sufficient RAM memory to run your projects....

    Maybe it would be good, if you write what plugins and Kontakt Libraries you want to use on M+.... M+ users might tell you, whether it is possible at all (they exist for M+) and how many of them one may use in one project before CPU or RAM is exhausted....

  • Staykool
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    Kubrak, thank you as always for your help. I hope your son is doing well, growing up healthy and not eating encoder buttons. haha.

    So in summary it sounds like there is no way to have access to the entire K12U CE or all my plugins on the M+. So theoretically I can't work on prior projects [in stand-alone] that don't have the included libraries. In addition, RAM is an issue so access to plugins [i have lots of plugins] is also limited.

    I assume NI is working on updates to solve this solve these issues. Any timeline on when the M+ will mimic exactly what the MK3 does in standalone? I mean have access to all sounds/plugins/library etc.

  • Kubrak
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    He was four few weeks ago. He stopped eating encoders, now he turn them. He browses Expansions and if he likes a project, he dances and jumps. And also loves to play with Jam buttons. All on, all off..... Many fancy collors to play with.

    I doubt all NI plugins/libraries will be ported to M+ any soon, if ever. They would not run, IMHO, satisfactory even if ported.... You need to wait for M+ Mk2, if it comes.

    I guess, MK3 and notebook (or portable miniPC - I use ASRock DeskMini) is the only solution for you for time being.

  • Staykool
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    Thanks. Hopefully I they will come out with another version. Probably just in time for K14 UCE.

    I don't see why they just don't allow the standalone to work with an external hard drive. Wouldn't that be a simple solution? What am I missing?

  • Kubrak
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    Maybe it works with external hard drive. I do not know. But it would not be the solution for plugins.

    Anyway you may have SD memory card up to 256 GB or so.... So, your samples would fit in.

    No, I do not think it will be at time of K14. It is, most probably, going to come in half year time. Maybe at time of K15, or a bit sooner.

    But just guessing.

  • ozon
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    @Kubrak wrote:

    I do not have M+


    @Staykool wrote:

    What am I missing?

    There is no mouse, no computer keyboard and no large screen for GUIs. That alone renders many of the Kontakt libraries from Komplete unusable. It also severely limits the capability to access and manage a file system.

    The M+ is a very capable beat box and hardware sequencer, not a replacement for a studio computer system running a full fledged DAW. It is not designed to run the complete Komplete and most probably never will.

  • Staykool
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    I think I finally got it.the M+ is a great portable solution when creating songs from scratch but not if you have projects created on the MK3 using a vast amount of sounds like K12 UCE.

    thanks everyone.

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