Kontrol MK3 S88 order desperatly blocked "in progress"

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Hello Everyone,

I'm quite deperate today, I bought a MK3 S88 10/12/23, I see it everywhere in stock, even on the NI website with an expedition within 1 or 2 business days, and my order is desperatly blocked "in progress" status. But i've been charged.

I try to contact support without any answer.

I don't know what to do, or if someone face the same problem.


  • PoorFellow
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    As written in other thread :

    Problem is that the N.I. forum person normally taking care of forum is off until 6th of November , but I can try to call on @Kaiwan_NI , Kaiwan_NI ! , could you please try to check up on this problem to maybe expedite matters ! (If Kaiwan does not respond then you will have to wait for support to get back to you !)

    P.S. Considering that the person claim to have been charged and since not sure When/if Kaiwan will respond then (I know not really your business but) @Tim_NI , could you please make N.I. shop keepers aware that there appear to be a serious problem here ! ?

  • ini4
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    I am in the same boat. I ordered my MK3 S88 on September 13th. The status is still "In Progress". I figured I would give it a week before contacting support.

  • PoorFellow
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    If there is a problem with an order you ought to contact support. I tried to call for Moderator/N.I. representative attention above , but that appear to have failed , at least up until now that is !

  • trusampler
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    Same issue here, I ordered a S88 MK3 it says it was in stock, and I still haven't received any confirmation on shipping. Money has been withdrawn from my bank, yet no confirmation, sent support ticket, no reply.

  • Sniper26s
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    Here is the big news

    I updated my ticket tu the support to cancel my order as my local dealer have it in stock.

    I hope NI will refund me quickly lol

  • jgremlin
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    Same issue here. I did the pre-order on Sept 22. They took the money immediately but I still have yet to get any indication of when it will ship. I understand its the initial rollout and these things take time. But it really irks me that they couldn't just take the order and wait to until they're actually able to ship the product before they charge the card.

  • trusampler
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    I ended up finding a MK3 61 key so I'll use it until the 88 shows up, it looks like they shortened the key length on the mk3 61 though. Temporary fix until NI gets these units out. I just bought a Montage 88M so I'm good until they get this right.

  • MartinHines
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    I would not be “desperate” given different retailers will get stock at different times, including different models. I ordered a Kontrol S88 mk3 a month ago in the U.S., from Sweetwater. They are still awaiting shipments.

    Just be patient.

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