What to update or not with KK Mk1 in my setup ?

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Hi all,

I actually have 8 updates available in NA

All of them introduce NKS2 features and are relevant if I update Kontakt to 7.6.2

Problem is that it seems the last update of Kontakt cause issues with KK mk1 keyboard

Also Komplete Kontrol MK3 drops KK Mk1

all in all it seems that no improvement can be made keeping basic lightguide functionality and control feedback on KK Mk1 and release note . Not an improvement IMHO

so all in all it seems that KK MK3 owners are the only one to benefit from future updates ?

I have Many Ni products but it seems that the choice that has been made is to get rid of many customers ?

I am a bit puzzled and would like to know If I can still feel I'll be able to still work with NI or is it going to be constant internal divorces between devices and softwares ?

All of this looks like a big mess with no other solution but to sell all my NI stuff and gear up elswhere ?

I am at loss and just don't get where this is going anymore

Any advice would be much appreciated 🤘


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