Maschine & Komplete Instruments Not Showing Up in Software

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I've been a longtime Maschine and Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol user. A friend of mine recently purchased the Maschine MK3 and Komplete Kontrol m32. With the purchase, he received: the Maschine and Komplete hardware and the most recent version of Komplete software. He should have also received the drum kits etc. that come with Maschine. Dozens of gigs worth of software and library content.

The issue is that none of this is showing up in the Maschine DAW.

Right out of the box, he was directed to enter his serial number for the Maschine hardware. He then began the download process.

It seems as if the sound libraries were downloaded, but several applications/software (synthesizers, sampled instruments, drums and percussion from here) were not a part of the downloads in Native Access. I say this because for example, the Gentleman instrument is completely missing from his computer but it's in Native Access).

Has anyone else run into this issue?


  1. I already looked through his computer. The file paths for plugins described in this Native Instruments article are nonexistent ( Ex. VST2: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST; VST3: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST3).
  2. See here for another Native Instruments article on missing plugins in Maschine. This didn't solve the issue either.
  3. We went through all of the Mac OS solutions described here (click here) except for the one that says "Reset the Maschine Database and Favorites". Note this is only when you're loading a project that is missing a VST. My friend hasn't created any projects yet.


  1. @Monochrome any suggestions? We read your the third comment here. I agree that the red application locations are a cosmetic issue when applications are already working. However, we haven't been get it to the point where the applications (instruments) are showing. I never faced this issue when I setup my Maschine and Komplete products a few years ago.

Additional Context

  1. He has an Apple M1 Mac Pro with 16 GB of RAM and Ventura 13.3.1
  2. The first thing we resolved was the "missing sound content" explained by Sweetwater here. After we got the majority of the libraries located, we then reinstalled the software "Massive." This now shows up when you press the Browser button on the Maschine hardware. However, with the large amount of software that Maschine included with both the Maschine and Komplete software, there should be dozens of software applications to browse.
  3. The second issue is that we think the 5-7 "applications" aren't downloading.

NOTE: I tried to include links in this post but Native instruments won't let me. If you want to see some of the links. Let me know I'll tell you the title of the articles.


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    Why don't your friend wrote for himself?

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    @Paule because I have Native Instruments as well and this issue is really odd. I was helping him try to resolve the issue because Native Instruments support doesn't have any information on this.

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