Traktor 3.10: Finding no new tracks when re-importing music folders

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Before I open up a support case, I just want to quickly ask everyone if the same is happening to you.

When you (re-)import music folders to your collection in Traktor 3.10, i.e. check for new files in your watched folders, do any results come up? Loading the collection with 3.10 takes about the same time as with 3.9, or a bit less than usual, but when I import my music folders, new files won't show up, and no Analyse popup appears. I installed 3.10 as an update to 3.9 through Access, and I haven't tried re-installing, also no settings changed meanwhile that would warrant this.


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    Hey Quade, thanks a bunch. As a matter of fact, I don't mean the re-import of settings when I open up an updated Traktor version, I rather mean that I added new music to my collection manually, and want Traktor to find the new files, hence 're-importing music folders'.

    The trick you mentioned refers to the dreadful copying of all data from one (point) release to another. Yes, that workaround is clever, but you can also leave everything in place and just change the data directory in the updated Traktor settings, so you don't have to even move files to have Traktor use your old settings and database.

    As for I never ever import - you surely mean the aforementioned auto-copying of all data when Traktor got an update? Otherwise you'd never be able to add new music to your Traktor collection.

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    Glad you love the idea.

    I really don't copy anything, I just run Traktor again for the 1st time, shut it down, delete the version's content, rename the old version folder & start up Traktor again.

    Everything is as it was.

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    I think you don't understand what I mean, so I'll leave the update-and-copy-folder affair out of the equation. And changed the title of this thread.

    What I mean is: I add an album or two (i.e. music files) manually to my music folder outside of Traktor. When I load up Traktor, I have to wait for my track collection to load, then right-click on Track Collection inside Traktor's browser on the left and choose Import Music Folders in order to have Traktor recognise my new music files.

    Now, the normal behaviour would be that Traktor scans the sub-folders in my music folder, finds and reads new files, then offers to analyse them. Since Traktor 3.10, when I do these steps (Import Music Folders), Traktor will start scanning, shows a few sub-folders to be going through, and then just stops. No error message, no new files added.

  • Quade
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    Apologies, I had to re-read your reply. Yes in previous versions I have encountered the exact same thing happening to me a couple years back but moved completely away from this method.

    It's a pointless exercise having Traktor scan your database regarding any new music added. I have worked with that principle since 2011 when I started using Traktor, but as updates continued to roll out, long before the Traktor Pro 3 upgrade was released, I had stopped that method, as I noticed that with the continued releases, Traktor become very slow with this scanning process & adding the music where i have updated my music library.

    Every since then, I just manually clear all Playlists (those which I have added new music) & I work that way. It's so much easier for me as I have great working system(others may feel it's a longer method of organizing my music library) but the method I use is so much more safer. Recently between Traktor Pro 3.6 & 3.8, my databases had crashed & I had troubles resolving them, luckily Lexicon Dj was out as beta version & I managed to retrieve all my Metadata (which I have to say is a DAMN amazing piece of software, pity the price is a bit much for subscription basis, a once off payment plan would be totally amazing) none the less, withon the beta phase, I had to also have Traktor rescan my library before I started using Lexicon DJ & I between all this, I had started playing around with Serato. Took me a full month to say getting everything resolved, this includes having to sync Traktor's database across to serato( Serato's sync process was the longest by far) but it had completed the sync successfully.

    I'll DM you further.

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    Hi Quade,

    just quickly from my phone: How do you add new music to your library exactly if not by the native Traktor way of letting it re-scan the folder(s) you specified for your music files? Traktor needs to find and then analyse and store the data in order to effectively handle new music.

  • Quade
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    So what I do is thus

    NB! All Music Is Stored on a 2nd drive internal using a HDD Caddy replacing my DVD Drive bay

    * Any new music are all scanned & processed using Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes Traktor(this is just a another work flow but more in depth detail on this)

    * All new music( different categories like house folder with sub genres, Hip-hop is sorted via bpm folders, Amapiano with sub genres)

    * I then open Traktor (my Playlist folders & Playlists are based the same way as my music folders)

    * Whatever folder I have updated with new music, I either 1- drag the folder from my music library into the Playlist & I then tell Traktor to remove any duplicates Or 2- clear the Playlist & drop that folder in the Playlist.

    * I then let Traktor consolidate that playlist & analyze any new tracks it found that has not been analyzed

    * I just repeat the same process while the new material is being analyzed.

    I do save my database once the analysis has completed & I have locked the tracks, shut down Traktor, start it up again & just check that everything has been processed accordingly.

    Sounds like a mouthful but this method is y far the very best method I had come up with that is very safe & secure.

    Just a tip, eg Hip-hop, I have mus structure as follows

    Hip-Hop - BP 66-75 - MASTER NEW MUSIC(no music actually in this folder, just use it as a blank playlist in Traktor to add the following) - Clean Intros / Club Intros( basically these last 2 I mentioned is in their separate folders but I add them as they are in Traktor as a Playlist, then Also add them into the Master New Music)

    The reason for this is that I then work in 1 playlist for both Radio edits & club edits, whatever tracks I feel are not club worthy & they are removed, they are removed from both Playlists at the same time. Works out much easier that way... For me that is.

    Hope I have presented you with your question.

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    Hey Quade, thanks for elaborating on your rather intense process. From what I understand, you tag or analyse your stuff through Mixed In Key, but that's not really affecting how and if Traktor finds your new music.

    So, if I'm not mistaken, instead of having Traktor look for your new files, you manually drag them into playlists and add them to your library this way? For me, that's rather cumbersome, as I often add new music, change folder or track names when I later find them incorrect, so I'd always have to make notes of which folders or files I added/changed/removed, then drag them in or remove manually.

  • Quade
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    Yes you are correct in that I manually drag n drop.

    Everyone has their own method of managing their music library.

    I do alot of YouTube to find more effective ways of managing the music library.

    Also what is possibly convenient to try is to create new Playlists based on the Month of ew music you acquire. Have 1 folder labeled for that month & just maybe add your genres into those sub folders so they are separated.

    I know my method of organization sounds complicated, but in actual fact it's not really. I got so used to this method I don't have much to do. Everything is basically in their respective folders so I just go to my main computer should I feel I need to look for Music I may not have at hand on my DJ laptop.

    I do most of the work on my work computer when I have a moment to breath.

    Just Traktor's database is ridiculously huge is GB it takes me at least about 40min to transfer to my ext drive & onto my laptop.

    With Serato, its a matter of seconds as the database is as big as 300mb +/-

    I carry a back up of the music on a 2.5"drive so I can update my laptops regularly.

    I hope your findings here were useful & you may find a much better solution to your organization method.

    Hope I could help you out🙏

  • enoversum
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    Hey Quade,

    thanks again for your help. I find it a lot easier to let Traktor handle the detection of new music instead of manually analysing tracks, creating playlists and sub-folders for something that Traktor can do on its own (also, it is able to show you only new releases or by a certain time frame through its Smart Playlists feature). I simply organise all my music by having a genre folder, then inside artist folders, then a folder for each release, e.g. Big Beat\Fatboy Slim\Fatboy Slim - Praise you. All other sorting I would need I can do with star ratings, track colours and Smart Playlists that can filter very effectively.

    I understand you need something different, and drag and drop new files into Traktor directly. Unfortunately, this means you can't really help me with my problem (except for circumventing it by not using the otherwise well-working function built into Traktor), and wouldn't know if that happens to you as well (see my initial request). But thanks anyway, it's always good to see other approaches.

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