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Hiya Traktorists

I Trust all is well. Just thought I'd share a tip ( unless you have been doing this already )

I noticed that some of you have traktor import problems from time to time.

I have encountered an import problem on 2 occasions already & tried something different which works great for me.

Upon a RC or Beta version, allow the software to perform a clean database set up, once that is done, close traktor, navigate to your NI database folder, in there you will find the new version folder ( eg. 3.6.0 ), delete the contents in that folder, rename the current version folder ( eg. 3.5.3 ) to the new version, confirm when the dialog box appears, start up traktor again & your collection will remain the same, without losing any work. All settings, metadata, preferences will remain the same & you wont have to worry about the long wait for the import to complete.

Just on a side note, if this method slightly feaks you out, make a back-up of your database to an external device before attempting this method if you are concerned about data loss.

Other than that, this method has remained the ultimate tip for me over the past 5 years now.

Hope this helps.

Warm Regards




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