turning off analyzer when importing iTunes

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Hi, all - two more questions from this newbie! I'll post separately. First is: I have my own carefully measured BPMs on my itunes songs. When I imported my iTunes collection into Traktor, it overrode my BPMs and gave its own version of the BPMs. I want to retain my own but don't see a way to turn off "analyzer." I would like to analyze the track gains and times, but that's all. Thanks!



  • Laidbach Media
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    Browse to your files in traktor explorer, import as a playlist hit Ok then Cancel analysis window. done

  • daynard
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    I will try it. Sounds pretty straightfoward. Thank you!

  • daynard
    daynard Member Posts: 9 Newcomer
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    So, it got rid of all the auto-analyzed BPM values, but it did not import the hand-tapped values of the original iTunes list. Also, do I need to remove all the songs I've already imported and start over? (about 4,000!) I may need the steps broken down more, if you have a minute.

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