Robotic-assisted sampling

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I just spotted this today over at IKM : Pianoverse - Robotic-assisted sampling to create a versatile, realistic piano virtual instrument.

So , I have no idea what techniques are used by N.I. when creating instruments , sound banks and so on , but I still thought that I would bring it to attention here because it sounds as it could possibly become more than just a 'gimmick' though I suppose the 'how they sound' of virtual instruments are maybe more of an endless discussion and to some maybe almost a religion !

I found this part of the video somewhat cute/entertaining : The control electronics ha(ve/s) been packed in a magic and stylish wooden hand-crafted box ! (2:18 into video)

I do not link to the product over at IKM and also I think that as long as they delete anything that is true which they do not like from their forum , like that their product manager has a component ('availability.exe) that triggers a behavioral trojan alert on boot by some AVs (though maybe not when file is scanned) , then I think that I will not spend my money there any time soon !

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