how to access sounds on external hardrive

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I have submitted two tickets already weeks ago and have had no response so now im hoping someone can help me here. I had to buy an external hardrive to download and install the komplete ultimate pack and choir omnia. I was able to successfully install them to the hardrive but when i go to access the sounds in the folders through the DAW the sounds are simply not there to be able to load into the program. I'm sure this is a simple fix as the sound files appear to be there when just checking the hardrive manually not through the DAW. How do I make my sounds accessible?!

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Which sounds are you talking about exactly?

    Libraries can be loaded only by loading the instruments using Kontakt or Komplete Kontrol in your DAW, you can’t access their sounds.

    But not Knowing what you’re talking about, this is just a guess

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @A-God we'd need some more information here. What program do you mean? What plug-in are you using? Kontakt ? Komplete Kontrol? What DAw are you using?

    Maybe this will be helpful: Which Applications do the KOMPLETE Content Products Belong To?

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