BUG: Unable to get in sync again and playing on wrong speed when jogging

knetter Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
edited September 29 in Traktor Software & Hardware

I ran into this crazy bug already a couple of time. Sometimes I want to beat skip one bar without using the beatjump feature but just use the jog wheel on my controller (Numark Mixtrack Pro 2), which results in slowing/speeding up the track. It looks that Traktor's tempo value underflows when jogging too much backwards (stepless tempo adjust/decrease) and worse, it doesn't recover to the normal tempo and when stopping the deck it plays zombie-wise backwards! It also happens if you (stepless) increase tempo but you can get out of it by decreasing the tempo again (jogging backwards).

It seems that for many bug posts NI doesn't react to it, so I hope anybody have a workaround?



Traktor PRO 3.10.0 71

MacBook Pro M1

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