Can't scroll the browser/tree list when swiping on a touchscreen

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I have a brand new PC, with a touchscreen. I thought: "great, I will be able to scroll in my Traktor playlists and choose the song I want". But, it does not work. The swipe up/down gesture is not taken into account. It just selects the track when the finger hits the screen.

Is that possible to improve this, please? I thought that all the scrolling areas (with touchpad or mouse) were "swipable" by default when using a touchscreen but obviously it is not. Unless I missed something or that it is only related to Windows 11?

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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @creal Confirming that this is not just a Windows issue. Traktor's user interface is not optimized for touchscreens unfortunately. I've added a feature request tag to your post.

  • creal
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    Hi Kaiwan,

    Thanks for your message and for transferring my request to the team. It could be very handy in my opinion.


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