Komplete Kontrol VST2 missing? (MAC)

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Hello! Having a lot of similar problems as people on this thread (https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/7537/komplete-kontrol-vst2)

But I found that they were windows, thought I'd bring the convo to Mac.

Using OS Monterey, and have always ran my plug-ins/DAWs on Rosetta, just waiting until all plugins transitioned and updated to support apple silicon and the M1 Chip. In this transfer process, it ended up being very complex as my VST2 komplete kontrol plugin disappeared. Kontact 6 + 7, all internal plugins were there, but the acutal KK VST2 wouldn't show up in my daw.

I set folders to default, and reinstalled my entire library on Native Access, much like discussed in the other forum. and even though the VST2 and VST3 files appear in my plugins folder, [Macintosh HD - Library - Audio - Plug-ins - VST and/or VST3], only VST3 shows up in my DAW.

(see photo)

This is now a pressing issue as all previous projects with VST2 kontact (all of them) now show up with that midi unreadable, as these VST2 are unreadable by my DAW.

Please help! Lots of my previous projects on the line, and despite my efforts everything is just not working...



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