Kontakt 7.6 update problem

Lenny Quad
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I have a problem with KONTAKT 7

My version has been stuck at 7.4.2 since May

In recent days NATIVE ACCESS has updated NOIRE (hybrid keys, etheral earth, analog dreams etc.) and I can no longer use it because it requires version 7.6 which native access does not update

I have Komplete 14 ultimate collector's edition and my OS is CATALINA…


  • Monochrome
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    edited September 2023

    Kontakt needs macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or higher since version 7.5.0 (2023-07-10):

  • fedemara91
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    Yeah but why letting users update the libraries if they're not compatible anymore? As far as I can see the update for Noire, Ashlight etc. is only updating the minimum Kontakt version requirements to 7.6.

    This is not good, think about people working with this every day, you (Native Instruments) are making them losing money, most of the people which are still using an older OS cannot upgrade out of the blue...

  • jorg hartner
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    I get the impression that NI doesn't care about our problems, we just cry here and learn nothing. Why is Kontakt 7 no longer working in osx 10.15 ? What is so different about OSX 10.15 and 11 ? I don't think there is anything that can relate to the Kontakt 7.5+ feature Or do they have money from Apple for forcing us to buy a new MAC because of this ? They let us install updates and then nothing works because K7 is outdated. You have failed me. Your competitor Ableton has been working since osx 10.13 I the latest version. Do something about it! 

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