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This thread provides information about upcoming patches for Kontakt. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.

The currently available software version is 7.6.0. Please make sure that your installation is up to date.


7.6.0 - 2023-09-12

KONTROL MK3 direct connection, NKS2 controller pages created in KSP

  • ADDED Kontakt can now be used directly with KONTROL MK3 keyboards
  • CHANGED Options → Loading → "Ask for confirmation when loading or replacing modified instruments" is now set to off for all users
  • CHANGED Options → Handling → "MIDI channel assignment for loaded patches” option is now set to "Assign to omni" for all users
  • CHANGED Options → Interface → both "Suppress drawing" options are now found in Mapping Editor’s Edit → Display options
  • CHANGED It is now possible to focus on an empty instrument slot even in Single view
  • IMPROVED Per instance persistence of the Kontakt GUI state, which includes the layout (e.g. visibility of keyboard, info bar, side pane), zoom settings and full-screen browser
  • IMPROVED Loading an Instrument from full-screen browser now replaces the focused Instrument instead of adding it to the rack
  • IMPROVED Quick-Load menus in the top left of the instrument header now tells the user if Quick-Load is empty
  • ADDED 20 new Form shapes for the Wavetable source module
  • ADDED Vibrato/Chorus and Wow/Flutter factory presets from Guitar Rig 7
  • FIXED Kontakt would not respect offline rendering mode flag sent from host with the VST3 target
  • FIXED S1200 and MP60 sampler modes did not work
  • FIXED Typing a value for the Rate parameter of Vibrato/Chorus did not work correctly
  • ADDED KSP NKS2 parameters and navigation can be defined with KSP commands
  • ADDED KSP New control parameter, $CONTROL_PAR_TYPE, which returns the type of UI widget belonging to a specific UI ID
  • ADDED KSP New control parameter, $CONTROL_PAR_CUSTOM_ID, which allows assigning a custom value to each UI widget
  • ADDED KSP New internal constant, $NI_UI_ID, which returns the UI ID of the widget that executed the UI callback
  • ADDED KSP $EVENT_PAR_MIDI_CHANNEL can now be set for events in instrument scripts
  • ADDED KSP Engine parameter for Raum Predelay tempo sync ($ENGINE_PAR_RAUM_PREDELAY_UNIT)
  • FIXED KSP Twin Delay Predelay tempo sync, Cross and Width engine parameters did not work correctly
  • FIXED KSP $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_(EX_)ID getter now works properly when there is an active voice attached to the specified event ID
  • FIXED KSP Incorrect wording in script warning for get_group_idx() command

7.5.2 - 2023-07-20

Bug fix.

  • FIXED Creating a new resource container did not work

7.5.1 - 2023-07-14

Bug fix.

  • FIXED Superfluous dialog showing up when repacking NKR
  • IMPROVED KSP It is now possible to use the search() command on the %GROUPS_SELECTED built-in array

7.5.0 - 2023-07-10

Lua API, new effects, browser improvements, builder features, bug fixes.

• CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 11.0


• ADDED Seven new effects: Bite, Dirt, Freak, Raum, Twin Delay, Vibrato/Chorus, Wow/Flutter

• IMPROVED Context menus now follow zoom scaling settings

• IMPROVED Rendering quality of raster images in Native UI based instruments

• IMPROVED MIDI files dragged out of Kontakt don’t have the copyright message anymore

• IMPROVED NKG files are now visible in Files browser and also loadable or importable via double-click or drag and drop

• IMPROVED Maximum number of host automation slots increased to 2048

• FIXED Legato button did not work in any Tone/Time Machine mode except TMPro

• FIXED Clicking on virtual keyboard when Kontakt was in Single view did not respect the MIDI channel setting of multiple loaded instruments


• ADDED A button for loading the first preset directly from the instrument tile

• ADDED Filtering by brand

• ADDED Filtering by sub-bank

• ADDED User-authored presets can now have sound and character type metadata edited in bulk via multi-selection

• ADDED Warning dialog with a list of files that failed to import

• FIXED Scroll position is set to zero when the result list is resized

• FIXED Resizing the window no longer resets the result list selection

• FIXED Folders beginning with “-” can now be imported

• FIXED Content type does not update with the focused module slot


• ADDED Kontakt Lua API, enabled through the new Developer panel in Options dialog

• ADDED Various options for showing or hiding incoming, script generated and ignored events in Mapping Editor

• ADDED Source module’s playback mode can now be retrieved with $ENGINE_PAR_SOURCE_MODE getter

• ADDED Option to copy sample end setting to all selected zones in Wave Editor

• ADDED continue statement is now available in KSP

• ADDED Real arrays can now be stored to and loaded from NKA files

• ADDED Selection state of a zone can now be queried with $ZONE_PAR_SELECTED zone parameter, and a list of all currently selected zones can be retrieved with get_sel_zones_idx() command

• ADDED set_map_editor_event_color() KSP command, which allows changing color of script-generated events in Mapping Editor, individually per script slot

• IMPROVED Snap to value or zero crossing options in Wave Editor are now retained per instrument, rather than per zone

• IMPROVED Internal modulator and modulation target KSP information is now always shown if Developer Options checkbox is enabled

• IMPROVED TMPro polyphony can now be set to 0 via KSP, in order to match the range of the related parameters in Instrument Options->Voice Handling dialog

• IMPROVED Snapshot files (.NKSN) can now be loaded from the File->Load… dialog

• IMPROVED Reorganized Mapping and Group Editor context menus

• IMPROVED Reorganized effect selection context menu

• FIXED Boolean not operator would not correctly invert a boolean expression that consisted of only literals or constants

• FIXED Function call stack would collapse entirely if exit statement was used at the beginning of user defined functions, rather than only exiting the currently called function

7.4.2 - 2023-07-05

Bug fix.

FIXED Crash with additional cases when changing patterns or snapshots with Session Guitarist

7.4.1 - 2023-07-04

Bug fix.

FIXED Crash when changing patterns or snapshots with Session Guitarist

7.4.0 - 2023-06-19

Introducing the zoom feature.

ADDED Zoom scaling of Kontakt application UI

FIXED Snapshots couldn't be saved when Ring Modulator LFO Wave parameter was modified from KSP

FIXED Crash when selecting items from dropdown menus in Playbox

FIXED KSP Reset waitless while loop iteration counter on every while loop instead of once per callback, and increased the amount of such iterations to 10 million

7.3.2 - 2023-05-23

Branding and shop link.

ADDED Link to online store for quick access to additioinal content

CHANGED Update to in-app branding

7.3.1 - 2023-05-15

Bug fix.

FIXED White noise bursts in some cases when Spread parameter of Stereo Modeller was modulated

7.3.0 - 2023-04-18

New features for instrument builders, and bug fixes.

ADDED Option to snap sample start and end to zero crossing in Wave Editor

IMPROVED Selecting one of the loop snapping modes in the Wave Editor is now global for the instrument instead of per zone

IMPROVED Any change in Options dialog is now stored immediately after closing the dialog instead of after exiting Kontakt

FIXED PsycheDelay and Ring Modulator Info Pane help texts were mostly missing

IMPROVED KSP in_range() command now also works with real expressions

IMPROVED KSP Added optional arguments to sort() command which allows sorting only a range of the array instead of the whole array

FIXED KSP Script warning for get_mod_idx() and get_target_idx() commands now correctly refers to the names of those commands

7.2.0 - 2023-03-29

New features for instrument builders, performance optimizations and bug fixes.

ADDED Bus amplifier section now includes phase invert and L/R swap controls

ADDED Naming voice groups is now possible in Group Editor

ADDED Stereo Modeller Pan parameter can now be modulated

ADDED Lo-Fi Color parameter can now be modulated

ADDED Lowpass and Highpass filters in Solid EQ

ADDED Repack NKR button in Instrument Options dialog (only shows if the instrument has a resource container assigned)

ADDED Collection of new wavetables and single cycle waveforms

ADDED Several new mod shaper presets

IMPROVED Previous and next instrument buttons in Single View are now disabled if only one instrument is loaded

IMPROVED Output section now correctly recalls effect slot settings saved in output section presets

IMPROVED Show additional useful info about the instrument in Monitor > Groups and Monitor > Zones panes

IMPROVED All remaining dropdown menus are replaced with HiDPI menus

FIXED TMPro Legato behavior was incorrect since Kontakt 7.1.3

FIXED Kontakt would crash attempting to reveal a sample in the Mapping Editor with no sample selected

FIXED Bass Pro would always process the signal in stereo even if Mono button was enabled

FIXED Mismatch in sample rate during sample analysis for AET filter which caused incorrect frequency response for non-44.1k samples

FIXED In certain cases the performance view would be incorrectly shifted in the rack

FIXED In certain cases the performance view size would not be updated correctly

FIXED Slice Trigger group start condition listed available slices in the Trigger Zone menu, instead of Slice Index menu

FIXED Pitch Bend Down/Up Only mod shaper presets were affecting the tuning even when pitch bend controller was zeroed out

FIXED Harmonize and Harmonize - Tonal multi scripts produced an extraneous note off event for the original note

ADDED KSP New source module engine parameters for Keyboard tracking, HQI mode, TMPro Keep Formants and S1200 filter mode

ADDED KSP Filename of the last loaded MIDI file can be retrieved with mf_get_last_filename()

ADDED KSP It is now possible to determine if Kontakt is running as a plugin or in standalone with $NI_KONTAKT_IS_STANDALONE

IMPROVED KSP In certain cases using many ui_panel widgets would lag the whole performance view

IMPROVED KSP Major performance improvement when setting zone, loop and sample parameters in batch

IMPROVED KSP Added optional arguments to search() command which allows searching only a specific range of the array instead of the whole array

FIXED KSP Incorrect script error was raised when load_array, save_array(), load_array_str(), save_array_str() commands were used in the init callback

REMOVED Pop-out buttons for Mapping/Wave Editors in plugin versions

7.1.8 - 2023-02-08

FIXED With certain instruments automation names were not correctly set with Kontakt hosted in Komplete Kontrol or Maschine

7.1.6 - 2023-02-02

IMPROVED Minor graphical internal improvements for instrument building

7.1.5 - 2022-01-10


FIXED Kontakt is now macOS Ventura compatible

IMPROVED Minor graphical internal improvements for Instrument building

7.1.3 - 2022-12-12

New filters, purge all instances, browser features, KSP commands, bug fixes.


ADDED Purge all instances when Kontakt 7 is running as a plug-in

ADDED 6 pole state variable (SV) filters

ADDED Tone Machine and Time Machine 1 Smooth parameter modulation

ADDED Reveal sample location via Mapping Editor edit menu and Wave Editor command menu (cog)

IMPROVED Maximum number of host automation slots increased to 1024

IMPROVED Flex envelope slope can now be modulated for the first 8 segments, and includes Loop and Oneshot parameters

IMPROVED Online KSP documentation can be directly accessed through the help menu

FIXED Right click to open Quick-Load not working

FIXED DAW key commands intercepted by Kontakt when running as a plug-in

FIXED Notes would auto repeat when holding a key when using QWERTY as virtual keyboard

FIXED Temporarily black performance view when loading Kontakt Factory Library 2 instruments

FIXED Plug-in window would not re-open after being closed in Renoise with Kontakt VST3

FIXED Crash using Quick-Load with a large number of entries. Number of visible entries has been reduced to 5000 as a consequence

FIXED Voices would hang with certain effects placed post amp

FIXED Time Machine Pro Legato would get out of sync when playing loops

FIXED Cabinet effect in Output section would cut off the sound

FIXED Excessive smoothing on group Tune parameter in wavetable mode

FIXED “Restore loops from samples” option in Wave Editor not working when using the same sample repeatedly

FIXED Auto-mapping using the “Make group name” token did not work properly

FIXED Pasting a group without samples would paste with samples, and pasting groups with samples was not refreshing the Mapping Editor

FIXED Loops 2-8 were not working in MP60, S1200 and TMPro modes


ADDED Presets list now displays and sorts Instruments, Multis and Snapshots by their file type

ADDED Reset Browser filter state

ADDED Import multiple Custom Libraries in bulk

ADDED Customize name of imported Custom Libraries (using the Alias field)

ADDED Error messages for failed Library import

IMPROVED Tooltips display full text for Import Dialogue Folder path and Alias field, as well as Library tiles, in case when the text was truncated

FIXED Resized components are now correctly displayed when the Preset list is dragged horizontally


ADDED Convolution Auto Gain can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_IRC_AUTO_GAIN

ADDED Time Machine Legato button can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_TM_LEGATO

ADDED get_zone_id(<zoneIndex>) translates the zone index to the zone ID

ADDED XY Pad cursor values can now be set and retrieved with set_control_par_real_arr() and get_control_par_real_arr()

ADDED New commands get_group_idx() , get_mod_idx(), get_target_idx(), deprecating the usage of find_group(), find_mod() and find_target(). These commands return $NI_NOT_FOUND when the queried object is not found

ADDED Additional math functions and logic commands: cbrt(), log2(), log10(), exp2(), signbit(), sgn(), bitwise .xor., boolean xor

ADDED Zone BPM can now be set and retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_BPM zone parameter

ADDED Zone sample rate can now be retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_SAMPLE_RATE zone parameter

ADDED Zone state can now be determined with get_zone_status() command which returns $NI_ZONE_STATUS_EMPTY, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_LOADED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_PURGED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_IGNORED and deprecates the usage of is_zone_empty()

IMPROVED From Script modulator can now have its value set without internal range clamping by using $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_EX_ID

IMPROVED Zone parameters can now be set with KSP for all zones when using snapshot modes 2 and 3

IMPROVED Modulo operation now also works with real numbers

IMPROVED Added real() and int() value conversion commands, deprecating int_to_real() and real_to_int()

IMPROVED Zone settings were not taken into account when using change_vol and change_pan, introduced mode 2

FIXED Crash with output_channel_name() when channel count is zero

FIXED Incorrect warning messages were displayed for any zone related commands

FIXED $MARK_28 is no longer used by the internal sustain pedal script

7.0.11 - 2022-09-27

New HiDPI Browser, Factory Library 2 with HiDPI interfaces, New FX, UX improvements.

ADDED A new fullscreen HiDPI Browser featuring global text search, filter by tag, brand & properties, favorite presets, import of non-Player libraries

REMOVED Database tab has now been removed and superseded by the new Browser

FIXED Kontakt plugin window would appear tiny in some hosts when HiDPI was enabled

ADDED There is now a new Psyche Delay effect

ADDED There is now a new Ring Modulator effect

CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.15

CHANGED “Locate Libraries” has been changed to “Manage Libraries” and redirects to Native Access

ADDED A new MIDI learn mechanism is introduced in the Automation tab

IMPROVED The Minimized View user experience has been enhanced

IMPROVED The Minimized View can now be toggled with F10

IMPROVED The Options dialog can now be called with F12

IMPROVED Octave numbers are now shown on the virtual keyboard

IMPROVED Help text now extends to the full width of the rack

ADDED The Output section now contains factory presets

FIXED In some cases Reaper would create a mono channel instead of stereo channels for Kontakt multi outputs

FIXED In some cases Cubase would crash when using certain 3rd party libraries

FIXED Group output was not saved in snapshots

FIXED Help tags of overlapping controls would be stuck

FIXED Banks did not have a default file name

FIXED Kontakt would crash when attempting to display special characters

FIXED Edit all buses did not apply to all send effects parameters

FIXED Load file dialog would display incorrect file extension

FIXED Collection of minor GUI fixes

IMPROVED In the “Saving Instrument” dialog, the “Absolute sample paths” option is now disabled by default and not persistent

FIXED When using Auto Map in the Mapping Editor, Kontakt would not interpret numerical tokens starting with zero

FIXED Zone auto mapping numeric value to single key would not set the root note

IMPROVED Maximum number of declared user zones in now increased to 1024

IMPROVED New empty groups can now also be created from the Expert tab context menu

IMPROVED Empty user zones can now be hidden in the Mapping Editor

FIXED Tape Saturator would cut out the signal with sample rates above 192khz

FIXED Output section batch creation would create surround channels instead of stereo

FIXED Kontakt would crash when forcing Wavetable parameters out of range via KSP

ADDED KSP Engine parameter for setting the LFO phase $ENGINE_PAR_LFO_PHASE

ADDED KSP Bindings for the 32 Step Modulator

IMPROVED KSP Script errors and warnings are now more informative and consistent

IMPROVED KSP A getter function for $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_ID is added

IMPROVED KSP ui_mouse_area now responds to control parameters for Control, Alt and Shift keyboard modifiers



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