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    Hello, in my opinion the only way to keep Maschine Jam not only alive but also to extend its capabilities is what follows (I copy and paste what I just posted in another thread, I hope that is cool, if not my apologies):

    As a owner of a Maschine Jam, I frankly never considered it for its primary use as intended for DJs and Beat Makers. Instead I love it as a MIDI Controller, Midi CCs, PGs etc. For example for controlling Plugins, in particular from Spitfire Audio (e.g. Strings). Touch strips are the best middle point between noisy and expensive to repair Flying-Faders and static faders. The thing is potentially universally capable of controlling anything MIDI but as we all know, it has poor connections and it has been condemned to be solely DAW dependant, so no "Stand-alone" capabilities, which is what I currently need as I recently built a DAW-less very powerful setup, with the MPC Live at its core (Master Clock). DAW-only is the biggest downside to Maschine Jam in my opinion and what actually made it become a failure.

    I am honestly disappointed with NI and considering what it costed me in the first place, I will not buy any Maschine Jam Mk2, Mk3 or whatever, in case of it will be released some day. At the same time, I refuse to let my Maschine Jam die because of its limitations and it also makes no sense to sell it for just a few bucks, as it has been discontinued.

    INSTEAD I WILL DO THIS: with Black Friday around the corner, I will buy a mini PC for around €100 (to be used as a USB host just as a CC real time editor) with a tiny screen (big enough for reading the editor, e.g. Rasberry PI type of screen that I already have tested) + mini keyboard. I'll then connect to the mini PC a small MIDI USB interface with 5-pin MIDI I/Os, which is currently sitting around doing nothing (Zoom U-44 or even an old Emagic Unitor8 Mk II). I will also connect other USB-only devices that have similar limitations (e.g. Arturia Beatstep, also with its editor open ready for real time editing). That will bring those devices to a brand new level of stand-alone capabilities and justice will be finally done! It will serve me well for many more years and I'll be finally able to use Maschine Jam at the fullest, controlling any MIDI device I like, as if it were a real standalone (I'll probably hide the mini PC under it and build a dedicated wooden support to make the whole system look as a one entire device/rig).

    If anyone is interested, I will post my results and pictures once the mini but powerful setup is ready. I am sure it will also look cool with its dedicated mini display as an integrated extention 🎚️🎛️🖥️ Cheers!

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