Maschine Jam in 2022?



  • Kubrak
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    But if they did drop support for Jam then I would be devastated.

    I would stay with version that has support for Jam.

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  • Braz
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    Im using it with Maschine+

    I see it as an element of comfort, especially for arranging scenes and song

    Really cool but dont put too much money on it

  • Kubrak
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    That would be the intermediary plan, but there's things like CPU architecture to consider, bugfixes for problems that emerge over time with more modern versions of other plugins etc.

    It would work several years. Five for sure, and ten maybe. On Win. I have two Jams, if each of them survives 5 more years I am covered for ten years, or so.

    I hope NI will release Jam Mk2 within those 10 years.

  • Mi.Alpha
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    In terms of RAM. I thought you were using one of the newer 14" or 16" MacBooks which have more configuration options. Are you satisfied with the 13"? I am thinking buying a 14" with 16 GB RAM and 1TB SSD

  • Mi.Alpha
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    You are absolutely right, I did similar calculations when trying to decide whether to buy the Jam. The only reason I was so hesitant is that I could use the 200 euros in order to buy an AKAI APC 40 Mk2 or the Push 2.

  • Mi.Alpha
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    Update 1:

    I reached NI support and they answered me the following:

    Maschine Jam and Maschine 2 are currently compatible in Rosetta mode, so I don't see any reason why they'd remove support once it runs natively :) Nonetheless, I asked the Maschine team to be certain!

    I will report back when they'll send me a definitive answer on whether the Jam will work when Maschine 2 will run natively on M1.

  • solsta
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    Hey friend, I use a Jam, studio and s49mk2

    been maschine user from the original maschine before it was even an mk1.

    it's CPU difficulty was one of the reasons I had to wait to get a new laptop but at the moment if your CPU behaves normally then the JAM will for sure expand your workflow

    the maschine jam is amazing, giving you a song view and being able to manipulate it is a real vibe, it is also bus powered and very light considering, and pretty lights.

    I'm frankly confused they don't keep selling these, my guess is the learning curve, but I think it is amazing, im still learning to use mine but I am enjoying it, it sits right above my keyboard.

    also running an m1 max with Monterey if that means anything to you, it runs amazing, no issues whatsoever, I don't imagine it will have any problems either, no complicated displays or anything, and the touch strips are so sensitive it is mind boggling to me that these didn't blow up

    hope this helps

  • djadidai
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    I am extremely satisfied with my M1, 16gig Ram even if it’s 1st gen and not pro or max. I have it hooked up to a usb c port hub so it being 13” is no issue. Connected to this hub I have a Jam, an M+, an m32 and an NI audio 10 sound card, and an apple keyboard with cable, so… it all works fine.

  • Nick
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    I got mine on eBay for a song. I hardly touched it. Until I got M+, that is. Now, it's almost a necessity because working with the additional controls speeds things up greatly.

  • frawal
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    I have a Maschine MK3, a Maschine Jam and a Mac mini M1. It works flawlessly, I've never had one single problem.

    The Maschine Jam is in my humble opinion the very best controller NI ever built and inexplicably stopped. The MK3 and the Jam together makes everything you do on the MK3 alone much faster, easier and fun...

    What you want to do with the Jam is exactly what it is designed to do. Get one now before it's too late, you won't regret it

  • Mi.Alpha
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    Thanks everyone for taking your time and answering my question. I really appreciate your input.

    I recently received the following from NI support:

    I can confirm there are no issues with Maschine Jam and M1 computers.

    So, after taking into account your advice... I bought a used JAM!!! As soon as I have the JAM, I will report back and share with you my impressions!

  • Howl
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    i bought a new Machine MK3, and a week later or so, by accident, an used product store, as they called it, a second hand JAM, at that time they were still in stock.. haggled; €200.

    that was some years ago, 4?

    so from the beginning i am used to this setup, because well; Maschine MK3 was my premiere for maschine...

    crazy performing with the touch strips; mixing, metering (plus master metering).

    the step sequencer, the LOCK modes.

    for me, as for many others, the JAM makes it complete (wordplay intended...).

    i couldn't work without the JAM anymore next to the MK3.

    (although they are in the boxes now, due to the expanding universe, uhm, i mean expanding controllers... must look for a new place, or rearange.. they were a big part of my workflow, now less, because of a more experimental phase, which also expands, and MPE... but i know it will end up again in my workflow...)

  • Percivale
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    I went the other way, I re-started my Maschine journey first with a Jam, learned lock states, perform FXs and other standard functions before I got the MK3. Transferring the knowhow to integrate MK3 was quite seamless. My experience tells me NI had integrated Maschine SW and HW so tightly it is remarkable.

    Moving forward, the tightly knit integration while super - can be a double-edged sword because while SW can be easily adapted and distributed, hardware design and I/Os are a permanent feature.

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