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@MichaelK_NI In a first review of the configuration of the new MK3, these are the functions that I miss, I would add them as options to the existing ones:

Main menu:

BROWSE ENCODERS: (Add option total control).

Turn left: Browse Tree up/down

Shift + Turn (Right): FV Folders

Shift + Push (Left): O/C Folder

Shift + Push (Right): View

REV BUTTON. (Add option)

Push: Next Cue

Shift + Push: Prev Cue

SYNC BUTTON: (expand functionality).

Long Push: Shift for all buttons (Not only for the loop encoders).

Change layer: (expand functionality).

Additional page for Stems control. (Fx´s & Mixer Controls)


Layer change button:

-Enable the layer change button (3 stripes), so that it is mappable in MIDI MODE.

Compilation from other users.

-Do not turn off screens in MIDI MODE.

-Additional page for Stems control. (Fx´s & Mixer Controls)

-Have the long hold for open and close the MIDI Mode.

-Preview Player.




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