I can no longer accept the mk3 controller

jt maher
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So long NI, and to the mk3 controller. I can no longer accept or use this controller anymore, as it has actually cost me more money to use this device in the long run. Don't get me wrong. Maschine has helped me tremendously in terms of chopping drum breaks better, and I did enjoy using this controller from the summer of 2018-2020. But now it's time to move on. From lack of software updates/upgrades to years of bugs not being addressed...

I can no longer put my time, and energy into thinking things will get better with this company nor spend another dime on any new devices if the software, and audio drivers continue to stay stagnate, full of bugs, and milked into oblivion...I am trying to be civil as I can. I feel sorry for NI support as these people are nice, and this isn't directed towards them at all. I wish the best for this company, and hope that this new investment firm starts hiring more devs, putting more money into development, paying them, and the support people more. Machine users want a better current software not new hardware!

Are ya'll really going to drop new hardware soon with a few not asked for upgrades to the current software?

I can't do it anymore...lol


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