Transient files in Traktor - how to decode?

DJ NUO Member Posts: 1 Member

Hi! I'm looking for the way to programmatically access transients information that Traktor generates when analyzing a track.

I attach the screenshot for an example. It's the track that was analyzed & doesn't contain the beatgrid.

I want to get exact time position of each grey vertical bar.

Transient files are generated per track & located in "~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.9.0/Transients/"

So far I haven't found any references online on how to open these "Transients" files(((

Any ideas?)



  • DJ Bobby Tables
    DJ Bobby Tables Member Posts: 3 Member

    I have figured out part of the transient file format but I can't figure out how Traktor chooses the file names for the transients. I know they are exactly 28 characters long and the same file names are used for the stripe files. If I could figure that out, I would know which song the transient file and stripe file are for and they would be a bit more useful.

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 322 Guru

    you should be able to find them in the ENTRY tag for the track in your collection.nml as AUDIO_ID

  • DJ Bobby Tables
    DJ Bobby Tables Member Posts: 3 Member

    I believe the AUDIO_ID is a representation of the audio itself. It is Base64 encoded but that's all I know of that.

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