NI Power supply missing information



  • Voyage Music
    Voyage Music Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Cheers Jeremy, any news for me?

    still no one has reached to me with an official answer about my question (unfortunately)!

  • womak
    womak Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi, friend! I am in the same case, I recently bought 2 6/10 interfaces, and I received the original 15V AC but the two interfaces have the input (IN) of 9V... I mean, it is TOTALLY incompatible with a 15V AC You will surely burn the interface and you will have a nice paperweight... it is best not to risk it! Power it via USB and buy a generic 9v AC and that original 15v one if you have it, don't use it! It is more for S4 etc... I also sent an email to NI with photos and they did not answer me, and in thomann and on their website they continue to sell that 15v model recommended for audio 6/10.... if you have more information . let me know, greetings.

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