TRAKTOR Pro 3 Sudden slow down

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I'm a new user of Traktor. A quick search through posts show that this is not a new issue. Traktor will suddenly and without warning revert to super slow robot voice playback. It hasn't happened mid set yet but several times during background music before gig. I've rebooted the software and rebooted the computer without any difference I can see. It just seems to be random but seems more likely to happen if the software has been idle for a while or on initial boot. I've then gone on to play 2 hours+ without any issues. This is concerning me though, what if it happens at an important part of the evening?

I'm using wasapi exclusive driver (DJ2GO2touch), I've just increased the buffer size - maybe that will do something? Computer is not under any pressure running this software. Ram not huge but fast. Radeon on CPU graphics and Geforce GTX1650 mobile card installed.

Any ideas? Thank You!



  • c0nsul
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    Do have the latest Traktor Pro version 3.9 installed?

  • Sûlherokhh
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    You computer may have automated shutdown for processors/devices active as an energy saving measure. If so, those have to be deactivated. (Power management / Device manager)

  • Stevan
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    Nvidia audio drivers can cause issues too. Run LatencyMon to see which driver is reporting highest score.

  • hardcore
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    Mine did this last night during my first tune. I faded down the music and shutdown and restarted traktor - checked power settings & discovered i was in power saving mode. Slid it over to high performance mode & rest of the night ran without a hitch.. - but i was anxious for the next 1.5hrs if it would happen again. Had my backup device on the ready but still, its annoying and tends to happen towards the start of my set when it does.

  • SteveKDJ
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    I struggled with this for about a year, then I switched to intel core 5 cpu, since then I have no sound problems, just don't use windows 11, it's a disaster for TRAKTOR..

  • Stevan
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    Problem with Windows is that it can automatically reset the power settings. And other important settings we need to switch off when optimizing the OS for Traktor.

    One needs to keep an eye on those things each time before Traktor is started which can become frustrating over time but is the only way to know you are in control of your laptop's settings before a gig.

  • zephry
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    I have had nothing but problems using Wasapi drivers.

    On both an Asus Rog and an Hp Elite.

    But absolutely no issues when using Asio Drivers. Check to see if you can download Asio4all and use that instead. It may take some tries at what drivers work with a Dj2go?

    Commonly my cheap Lenovo Yoga will suddenly cut out or slow down when doing prep and mapping. I use the Wasapi drivers on it because I never actually perform live. A simple thing like changing effects will cause exactly what you describe. On the Yoga.

    Changing bitrate seems to help but it eventually always happens.

    I use Windows 11 with an S4mk3 and Asio drivers on 2 computers for over a year. None of the slowdowns or issues that happen with Wasapi.

    Keep in mind every computer is different. I have always used PC and eventually found whatever hinders Traktor. On my Dell G7 it was Support Assist application. On laptops before that it was commonly the battery being checked causing cpu spikes.

    But the slowdown and strange playback issues for me with Wasapi drivers is definitely an issue. Try switching bitrates (audio tab in preferences) while a track is playing and you will hear differences in tonality. Or the track may even come to a complete stop.

  • Bazza101
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    Many thanks for all your suggestions. I haven't had a problem since upgrading the software - that could be just luck though. It's a random intermittent fault. It caught me badly a few weeks ago during a big finale. I just talked nonsense to the crowd while I rebooted - thankfully I also use a drum machine here and there and at least I had a beat. I will sit down with it today and try a few things. We should all be slow to draw conclusions as to what causes a problem when it's as random as this. This program has run for many hours without fault and just starts doing it again. Thanks again!

  • zephry
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    I am sure you do this. But before playing live I always reboot after any changes related to my laptop in general.

    Things like:

    Mapping changes

    Traktor updates

    Native Access updates

    Controller Editor update via Native Access

    Of course any application or Windows updates should be a reason to reboot. You never know if one of those unrelated to Traktor will cause a crash or background cpu usage. My most common Traktor crash is after a Windows update without rebooting.

    I will also restart Traktor separate from a complete reboot for any changes in playlists or any type of file management Traktor uses (when streaming Beatport especially).

    I also restart Traktor if I was practicing a set or switching any USB controllers or ext hard drives. Any preparation I restart.

    This sounds excessive but having a clean system, updates and testing then rebooting laptop/restarting Traktor is always a good move.

    Me and 2 other djs stream and we always restart Obs and the streaming computer in the same ways. As well test the sound system and the gain staging (set broadcast levels).

    Basically we test both laptops and get parameters perfect. We do all the gain staging, we double check background processes. Make updates. More testing and then go live.

    I probably spend about 4 hours a week just testing updates and computer related optimizations. At least once a month I go through every driver update on my computer, via the device manager and the Support software for my Brand (Asus). Bios updates are typically through the Brand Support applications.

    If you use a gaming laptop. There are also some boosts or other types of optimizations that might benefit Traktor. In the gaming dashboard.

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