Can I import my old Maschine project (mprj files) to Maschine Plus?

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Ive been out doing live music and I just bought the new Maschine Plus and I want to know Is it possible to import my old (mprj) files to this new platform? or am I phuqed....

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  • ozon
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    Maschine Plus currently has the following versions:

    • System Version:
    • Maschine Version: 2.16.1 (R0)
    • Firmware: 0.1.9

    Therefore the desktop application Maschine 2.16.1 is compatible, as indicated above (thanks for providing the link for the download @Jeremy_NI ).

    But there's also an issue with Reaktor ensembles: If you use custom ensembles, you have to use an older version of Reaktor on the desktop as well. M+ is currently on 6.4.4 and cannot use ensembles saved with the current version 6.5.0.


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