How do you play '7th' and sus chords with smart play?

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Hi. I have a KK M32 and I'm learning how to use it. To that end I thought I'd play 'I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder. That song has the chords C#, C#Maj7, D#M(Maj7), D# and a D#M7 to name a few.

If I set Smart Play up to play this song so the C# is right, is it possible with those setting to then play a C#Maj7 for example with SP? If so, how? If I hold the C# key down to play a C# and press the 'Major 7th' key, it doesn't sound like a C#Maj7. Am I doing something wrong or is it just not possible?




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    Hello MancV!

    When using Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol's Smart Play feature, it's important to understand that it is primarily designed to help you play in specific keys and scales while staying within the notes of that scale. It is not intended to automatically recognize and play complex chords like C#maj7.

    In Smart Play mode, if you hold down the C# key and then press the "Major 7th" key, it won't automatically play a C#maj7 chord. Instead, it will likely trigger another note that is in the C# major scale, which may not be the major 7th of C#. Smart Play is more focused on playing diatonic notes within a selected scale rather than building specific complex chords.

    If you want to play C#maj7 or any other specific chords using Smart Play, you'll need to do it manually. You can do this by playing the individual notes of the chord one by one. For C#maj7, you would play the notes C#, E#, G#, and B# (which is the enharmonic equivalent of C). If you want to play other chords like D#M(Maj7) or D#M7, you will have to find the individual notes of those chords in the key of C# major and play them accordingly.

    Alternatively, some MIDI controllers, including some from Native Instruments, have chord mode features. With chord mode enabled, you can press a single key or pad, and it will trigger a specific chord you've previously assigned to that key. This could help you play more complex chords like C#maj7 without having to play each note individually.

    In summary, Smart Play in Komplete Kontrol is helpful for playing in specific keys and scales, but for playing complex chords like C#maj7, you'll need to either play the individual notes manually or use a chord mode feature if your MIDI controller supports it.

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