Can't calibrate my tables

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As titled I can't help but get frustrated with this software, one moment it was working great when all of the sudden I can not calibrate my tables. I keep getting a wobbly circle with an erratic line that won't stop moving. When I go to calibrate it says "skipping" (pictures provided).

It's not the needles they have been replaced to check that possibility off. It's not the timecode vinyl itself they are in mint condition.

What am I missing? Like I said one minute great next minute...

Appreciate any help on this subject,

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  • Mutis
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    Maybe one audio channel/cable is faulty?

    The round circle is the result of X+Y axis being X one channel (L or R) and Y the other. So any deviation tell where to look… from needle to audio interface input channel. Maybe the needle is breaking from one side (due turntable setup or use?) so and so. So check twice and swap channels to see if circle shows different shape according to what I explained.

    Hoping it’s helpful…

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