What's the general status of Reaktor?



  • Kubrak
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    Well, it might be reasonable to wait for Rosetta 3, which (based on statistics how often Apple changes platforms) might be in about 8 years. Two, three more years on fully suported Rosetta 2, than Mac users would have to stay on last supported MacOS that has Rosetta 2 and survive few years like that. or live without Reaktor, or move to Win. Not the best solution for Mac users, but why not?

    With Rosetta 3 Apple would go back to x86, so no porting needed anymore.

    Porting Reaktor fully to AS simply might be too expensive to do it. Maybe it will not be that expensive, but for sure it is hard task. Something like writting third to half of Reaktor from scratch.

  • dysamoria
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    I'm glad to hear that Reaktor works in Rosetta 2. I may or may not end up buying an Apple Silicon Mac in the next year... or I might buy a used Mac Pro so I don't have to buy and maintain a Mac AND a Windows PC (I know it's not a bleeding edge gaming machine, but I think an Intel Mac Pro with Windows 10 on Bootcamp would be a lot better than my current state of PC gaming: a dead PC).

    Apple better leave Rosetta 2 in Mac OS for SEVERAL versions, and not drop it prematurely in the next Mac OS, like they did with the original Rosetta...

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