How to view Traktor rating in external audio player or File Explorer, and vice-versa?

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I have given star rating to all the tracks in one of my music folders inside Traktor and I was hoping this rating would be readable (from the file's m3u tags) by other programs – but it isn't. If I right-click the file in the Windows File Explorer --> Properties --> Details, I can see a "Rating" property but this isn't Traktor's rating. It is only filled in if I have given the track a rating inside my audio player (Foobar2000). If the track has only been given a rating inside Foobar2000, this rating is not visible in Traktor.

This leads me to the conclusion that the Rating property that can be viewed in the audio player and in File Explorer is not the same as Traktor's Rating property. However, Traktor's Rating is written to the file because when I transferred the tracks from my desktop to my laptop and checked consistency, the rating did appear inside Traktor, as well as the genre I had added for each of the tracks. But where and how can I display it in File Explorer and Foobar2000?

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