Projects with Reaktor 5 say I have to activate

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I have numerous works in progress and little ideas on my computer which have Reaktor 5 instruments on them. I have Reaktor 5 and 6, but when I try to load these FL Studio projects, the Reaktor 5 instruments, such as Polyplex or Kontour show a pop-up message saying "Your demo period for Player files in this session of Reaktor has expired" with options to Exit, Buy, or Activate and no sound is produced. It wants me to activate with the defunct Service Center.

I tried re-installing Reaktor 5 using Native Access 1 and then 2, but no luck. I still get the same messages.

I figured out a workaround to get things working by saving a preset of the current ensemble or whatever, then replacing the Reaktor 5 instance with Reaktor 6 and reloading the temporary preset. But it is getting annoying to keep doing this and I might not notice in some projects that there are Reaktor 5 instruments producing no sound.

Everything had been working fine until I transferred my SSD with Windows into a new machine. How do I get Reaktor 5 to stop asking for activation?


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